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Massive milestones deserve equally huge celebrations, and they don’t come much bigger than RuneScape reaching 200 million accounts created since launch! That’s why - in anticipation of reaching this mind-boggling number - for this weekend only, we’re adorning the Squeal of Fortune with gold coin goodness!
So from 00:00 on Friday 22nd June to 23:59 on Monday 25th June GMT, all gold coin prize slots will be sporting five times their normal values. Slots previously carrying 1000 coins will carry 5000, slots that once carried 5000 will now boast 25,000 and...well, you get the idea. It’s fivefold coinage across the board!
Not only will all gold coin prizes be quintupled, but there's also a chance to win the monster ultra-rare grand prize: a 200 million gold coin mega-jackpot! 200 million accounts, 200 million coins – it’s our way of marking the presence of every player who’s ever walked the lands of Gielinor during our 11 year history, so this prize will be a permanent feature on the Squeal of Fortune from now on.
With all of that lovely loot up for grabs, plus all of the usual goodies waiting to be won on the Squeal of Fortune, this weekend is the perfect time to use your free, earned and bought spins to land yourself a dream prize. Don’t forget – RuneScape members get 2 free spins a day instead of the usual 1, and you can read more about the other ways to get yourself some extra spins by checking out our wiki article here.
Good luck!
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