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Can you guys please focus on existing problems rather than these ridiculous ploys designed to make money? I mean I understand you're a company and you need to make profit but this is getting out of hand.
Raise the standards, not your paychecks.

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"And unlike the lamps these will require the person who uses it to be out there skilling. If you have a large amount of pendants, you will also have to do large amounts of skilling to get the full benefits!"
yeah that's a good point.. which is why (imo) they should flat out replace XP lamps. :P

26-Jul-2012 16:59:07



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1. Remove all lamps, make us work for xp with pendants.
Request duly noted!
2. Remove all coin amounts but the 200m, the 200m should have a 1/10,000th chance to spin.
1/10,000 is not very rare. Though we don't share the exact ratios, I can guarantee that the 200M is much, much harder to get. If the odds are 1:10,000, 14 people in the 140,000 in game right now would win the 200M (assuming everyone spins once).
3. Replace coin amounts with Runecoins.
To quote Mod Emilee: "RuneCoins are not available through gameplay and they do not exist inside the RuneScape game world."
4. Replace all these redicoulous skilling items and weapons - with past cosmetic items + vanity items + fish flinger tickets and maybe some other minigame tickets/currencys.
I am personally not sure if giving out past cosmetic items (phats etc.) would go down well with the people who own them right now nor how it would impact the resale economy. Regardless, I'll pass this on.
5. Players = somewhat happyier and runescape leads a long lifespan.
Not actually a question but something that we do actually strive for! :)

26-Jul-2012 17:05:58

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