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Clan Leader Forum (CLF) + Clan Leader Discord (CLD)

If you already have access to the Clan Leader Forums (CLF), please join the Clan Leader Discord (CLD) by following the joining process found at QFC: 135-136-475-66019308


The Clan Leader Discord is an extension of the Clan Leader Forums. Server invites can ONLY be obtained through our CLF thread listed above and will not be provided through this thread.

What is the Clan Leader Forums (CLF)?

The Clan Leader Forums is an exclusive specialist forum section which can only be accessed after a clan leader has applied and been granted admission by Jagex. Jagex uses this forum section to ensure communication with clan leaders, which allows Jagex to better understand and support the clan community while clan leaders provide ideas and suggestions for clan updates.

The CLF also provides a social platform for clan leaders to come together and discuss issues concerning their clan and communities, organise clan events, seek advice, and share experiences with one another as they build friendships and strengthen clan communities.

Requirements To Join:
- Minimum clan age of 6 months.
- Minimum of 50 clan members.

How to gain Access to CLF:

To gain access, please apply on the ‘CLF Access Application’ thread here.

What is the Clan Leader Discord (CLD)?

The Clan Leader Discord is an established player-run community server for the Clan Leader Forums. It gives clan leaders a real time platform to network and interact with each other, which helps when discussing clan ideas and suggestions alongside Jmods.

We look forward to you joining us in the Clan Leader Forums and welcoming you into the Clan Leader Discord!

CLD Discord Team
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I am to be the second clan representative for 'No Sigil No Sleep.' My discord screen name is I4sale4#7967. It would be greatly appreciated to be granted access to the discord.

Thank you in advance.

29-Nov-2017 18:31:33

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