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Tl;dr: award some xp for existing quests and lore hunt that delve into Archaeology.

One thing that irked a lot of players was Dungeoneering being solely focused on Daemonheim, yet Dungeoneering is better termed "the skill at navigating dungeons" which we did in a lot of quests before the "skill" was launched in 2010.

We have a lot of lore hunts in game.
Quests such as:
The Dig Site
Meeting History and Making History
(I forget the name of the one Cave Goblin quest where we,find the Ancient Mace)
Even Desert Treasure to a degree
These quests has the player doing actual Archaeology.

My request is that on launch, all of these should be counted.

Have an NPC, similar to Historian Minas, where you recount this, and they award you some Archaeology XP to an amount for the quests/miniquests.

Keep in mind, that this would probably be only about 20000 to 50000 total XP.

Many of these bits of history uncovered would scale in the 100-500 xp range because of the "difficulty" and somewhat focused/limited amount of historical significance of the finds.
Others would hit the 1000 to 5000 xp marks because of how important your find would really be.

Remember that after the Digsote quest, the play is a certified level 3 worker at digsites

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Agreed. In fact, because of the certificate and the 'learning the ropes', I'd say The Dig Site should be a requirement to start the skill in the first place. Some rewards for archaeological quests like the ones mentioned (plus The Temple at Senntisten) and museum jobs would be nice.

Oh and actually Dungeoneering is the skill solely about exploring Daemonheim. It has since been expanded to include e.g. elite dungeons, even though they have very little to do with Daemonheim. In Legends' Quest, we brew a bravery potion to make us go into the depth of the Viyeldi Caves. That was a nice idea.
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Another option: Bonus XP for Archaeology simply tied to your total amount of Quest Points.

Uncovering lore is an essential part (or byproduct) of Questing.
A player with 50 QP may only get 1k bxp in Archaeology, but it stacks up to like 25-50k BXP by the time you reach 400.

At the same time, this keeps players from getting too much of an advantage if they've done a lot of questing as they still have to work to level up, but they do get a little help from the start.

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IIRC, Archaeology was previously given as an example of potential Elite Skills. After Invention, I can understand if they're wary of trying another Elite Skill. Archaeology being closer in design to Dungeoneering is a good idea, though if anything, Archaeology could have worked as an Elite Skill requiring Dungeoneering. But that would have probably been have gotten its own fair share of backlash, and it seems like they also want to use this skill as a way to test the feasibility of allowing F2P to practice a skill until level 20 or 30, so making it an Elite Skill would have run completely counter to that. Personally, I think it's more important to provide more content for F2P than make another Elite Skill, so that decision makes sense to me.

The City of Senntisten sounds like they are specifically going to connect the Archaeology skill to the quests you mentioned. Since the Dig Site is getting another rework to accommodate the skill, the dig joke about a third one at some point. I would only say have the Dig Site quest as a prerequisite if they also make it F2P, regardless of whether Archaeology is a successful case for raising the free level cap for P2P skills. Maybe if they can commit to the idea of remasters, remastering The Dig Site, Desert Treasure, and The Temple at Senntisten to incorporate Archaeology to tie in with The City of Senntisten would be a good approach.

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Kemtros said:
remastering The Dig Site, Desert Treasure, and The Temple at Senntisten to incorporate Archaeology to tie in with The City of Senntisten would be a good approach.

I would love to see a remaster of Desert Treasure personally since when that quest first arrived, there was little to no lore on Zaros, since back then he was labeled 'The Empty Lord' and we had no clue who or what he was. Now, I feel like Desert Treasure could be a way to introduce the players to Zaros' origins into the storyline and how Ancients is linked to him. Dig Site could be remade into a new tutorial quest for the skill itself, since most of that quest is looking for the items in the dig spots.

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Deltaslug said:
Miu said:
Not making archaeology an elite skill is a mistake because of things like this.

an elite skill due to a lack of questing?
I thought elite skills required other skills?

What I meant is that making archaeology an elite skill would mean the lack of an archaeology reward in earlier quests would make more sense, since only those that have mastered certain skills would have full access to it.

Quests that make use of "skills" before those skills were released is always kind of awkward. See legend's quest, with the farming segment that was implemented long before farming was released.
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