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Lazy Rabbit
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Lazy Rabbit

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Can you guys please stop assuming Dutch is the same as German/Deutsch.

I'm from the Netherlands and I've been seeing a trend of me getting German subtitles in your youtube videos. I thought that was just a stupid youtube thing.

But now I opened the runescape homepage,, and it automaticly switched to German language by default. I didn't ask for this... I am way more proficiënt in English than German and most Dutch people are, so please just stop it.

Ofcourse I could easily switch to English with the button at the bottom of the page, but it's annoying you guys force a language on me. If I don't know English, I will switch it myself. It's not service, it's stupidity.

13-Jun-2019 21:27:10

CM Nick

CM Nick

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Hey @Laggspikes,

To address your concerns - the problem with the website language is one that numerous other users have reported. It seems that with certain users, the website language will switch to another language randomly while navigating to the RuneScape website.

I can confirm that I, myself, have experienced this on a number of occasions, having it switch to German, Dutch or Portuguese. The web team is aware of it and trying to ascertain what can be done at the moment.

I'm incredibly sorry for the inconvenience it's causing you, but rest assured, it's not an intentional move on Jagex's part.
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