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Runescape Name: nocturnahime

Total Level: sorry I don't know

Current Goals in game: 99 mining

Activities you Enjoy in game: mining and fighting big monsters hehe

Anything you want to mention about yourself: I don't play many games I have a ps4 and Xbox and a gaming pc and they just sit there hehe, I use to play this game a lot. but I was in a coma for 2 months so I lost a lot of my memories. So, hiiii I am basically a new player hehe

03-Jun-2019 01:52:09



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Hey NocturnaHime, you can join the chat as a guest and ask for an invite or feel free to send a pm to Me, Holly x0, or Robert Rare for an invite. I'll pm you if I notice you on :).

If you enjoy mining, make sure you join our discord and vote for mining for our next skilling competition!

I'm sorry to hear that you were in a coma, but hope that you are better now! If you need help learning anything about the game just ask :D!
Discord: Void#2092

03-Jun-2019 04:10:36

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