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"People say Nothing is impossible, but we do it everyday."


Our clan motto is
"We Make Bad Life Decisions"

It's kind of an ironic motto. It could mean anything,
But mostly it just means I keep neglecting schoolwork to play Runescape, go figure.

About Us

Our clan was started as an effort to avoid the trivium of joining clans that tend to be full of people who take things way too seriously, or get
over tiny things. We're here to have fun, not pretend we're the internet police.
People here are laid back, and
as long as you're not an outright wanker
, you should be alright.


Generally speaking, there are no real requirements. Capping is not mandatory, being as we're a f2p/p2p clan. That said, if you have the time to cap, it's appreciated, as we'd like to get the bonuses. The only real requirement is basically just "don't be a d***."

About Us

We're a laid back clan, with the aim being to have a fun place to chat while we're doing whatever we're trying to do. Once numbers grow, We'll be hosting events, whether that's bossing, drop parties, house parties, you name it! We look forward to enjoying the game with you.
How to Apply

You can either post here, message me (Megamantnt), OG Yakey, Luffaboo, or 2MuchFiber in game, or occasionally you'll catch us at the grand exchange in W2.

- Don't be a d***
- Don't get butthurt over small things.
- No hard and fast age limit, but, it's probably not kid friendly.
- No rule-breaking/botting.



Clan Records



Ask in clan chat for a discord invite to the offical Liquid Ghouls server!

We hope to see you soon!

24-Jun-2019 05:57:25

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