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Leo Atradies

Leo Atradies

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1. Username: Leo Atradies

2. How many other active accounts do you have, and the RSN for one each?; just this one

3. Combat Level: 138

4. What area within our clan interests you the most and explain (i.e Events/Leadership etc)?: events but i don't think i'm a good leader.

5. In your words what does it mean to be in a social clan?: To be social in a clan means to be polite, amicable, congratulatory, and keep rl issues outside of the game.

6. Have you belonged to a clan before, and if so what clan(s)?: yes Sky Guardians, Kindred spirit of rs, and one other one but i dont' have good memory.

7. Reason for leaving prior clan: I think i needed a change of pace and i took on too many responsibilities and felt like i was suppose to police the chat which took away from enjoyment of the game.

8. What is rule #7 on our rules?: No begging.

9. What is your favorite thing to do in game?: Shades of Morton minigame

10. Do you understand and agree to follow the rules of Serene Wolves?: Yes

11. How did you find our clan, did someone recruit you, if so who?: Ck and Colgatesbabe joined and i began to guest.

12. Do you agree to keep all drama out of the clan chat?: Yes.
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