House of Skills [V7]

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1) What is your total level? 2300

2) Do you agree to take a forum picture? yes

3) How would you describe yourself: Skiller, Pvmer, Quester, somewhere in between, or something else? PVM is what i like, however skilling is what im doing. Have to max.

4) What is your favourite colour? (optional) Orange

5) Do you agree to all of our rules? yes

6) Were you recruited or helped by anyone? Please list their name. no

7) Will you be an active member and participate in keeping the clan chat active and attending events? (optional) yes, i will be active

8) Is there anything you would like us to add to our clan that will make this a more enjoyable experience? ice cream?

9) What timezone are you from?-5 EST (Canadian)

10) Do you prefer large events less often , or smaller events more consistently? smaller events more consistently. big events are fun, but small ones more often keeps someone engaged and motivated.

Easier to dm me ingame for questions

27-May-2020 05:08:57

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