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Alright so i've been bringing this up in just about every thread i make so i'm going to stop and make a thread dedicated to the topic here. However, i now have a very specific example to talk about: The Fremennik, specifically the new god.

Alright so last time i checked which of course they may have been retconned, but arn't the Fremennik just barbarians/vikings/norsemen? I mean they are humans, correct? So what i'm wondering is, Why isn't V---- Blue? Saradomin is confirmed human, and we clearly see he is blue. Saradomin is the ascended form of humanity, we can safely say humans turn blue when they Ascend into Divinity.

Now I espeacially don't want to boil it down into human races here but Saradomin does appear to be a caucasian man in his base form. He has no characteristics to tell me he is middle-eastern, or Black, or Asian hes simply not. So if a White skinned human ascends to be blue, then why does a white skinned viking man not ascend to be a blue skinned viking smurf?

Then we can ask ourselves the question of are the desert gods humans? Specifically Elidinis and Tumeken, more likely Elidinis who gifted a statue to the town of Nardah that ooh specific key detail, the statue said to look exactly like her has blue skin. She has human body, and is a divine being with blue skin. (That is assuming the statue is accurate of course) So now we have two divine blue skinned humans, but not this third one.

Apologies if this has already been asked, but i seem to bring it up all the time so now it is set in stone here for discussion, thanks for reading.

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Chaos Lupus

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We don't know that a human's skin turns blue once they ascend. The much more likely case is that Saradomin acquired his blue skin after prolonged exposure to the environment on New Domina and/or intentionally took on that appearance out of appreciation for the icyene, who sometimes have blue skin (Mazakon, for example).
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Pretty sure the younger gods change their appearance at will, for example Zammy who took characteristics from his followers for his own appearance like demons for example, if not mistaken that's where his wing design come from; another example is Arma, the color of his feathers are diff during the god wars compared to the present time, Sara probably is blue due to his icyene as lupus pointed out. Wonder why V would choose that look though I admit it looks cool.

30-May-2015 03:25:22

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Lord Remus

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I believe this has been mentioned before by the Mods.

Apparently ascension is different for each individual and not the race as a whole, kind of like mutation but on a godly scale. But Chaos and Zack, as far as I'm aware, are correct as well as Gods are able to change their appearance such as when Guthix took the form of a butterfly when he first came to the world or when he took the form of a human when he brought the first humans in.
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There is no indication that Tumeken or Elidinis were ever human. The minor desert god Het, on the other hand, was a human before Tumeken ascended him via converting him into an Avatar.

30-May-2015 04:42:29

Last Prophet

Last Prophet

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There are a number of polytheistic religions that portray gods and other supernatural beings with blue skin. In some cultures, it represents the divine.
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Perhaps it's also a way to distance himself from his mortal origins. A sort of way to put himself above others on a physical level as well as his Divine status.

Plus it could also be due to how the ascended. Saradomin spent his entire life with the Crown, and we don't yet know how V- did it other than touching the Stone.

(I also came up with another idea on another thread about V- and all that if anyone cared to read :D)


Since just touching the Stone of Jas doesn't turn you into a God, and we know that Gielinor leaks magical energy that both Seren and Zaros are based off of... What if like Guthix, he figured out the connection to magic and Anima and used the power of the world to become a God?

Like see; Seren tried to use the Death energy from the Death Altar to break her connection with the Elves, and the power of the Altar reminded her of Zaros' own powers; what if V- figured this out thanks to touching the Stone, and was able to himself use the power of the Altars to become some form of God based on the only type of Runecrafting Altar we've never seen.

So V- will be somewhat like Guthix, Seren, and Zaros and have his power derived from the energy of the world, in this case Soul magic, and perhaps that's why there is Dragonkin like statues in the trailer as they talk about the quest. Using his Soul magic to help break the connection the Dragonkin have to the Stone of Jas.

Or I could be wrong, but it would be neat to have a God who is something like a T2 entity, but not as powerful or well known. Seren's power came from Life, Zaros' from Death, Guthix's from Anima/ Nature, and V-'s from Soul.

Soul Altar confirmed.
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Gods seem to be free to choose what they look like. Like Guthix has different forms. And Saradomin has his ?-fifth age form and sixth age form. NO
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Barnabix said:
Seren's power came from Anima, Zaros' from Anima, Guthix's from Anima/stolen magic and V-'s from Stolen stone magic.

Just thought I'd fix it for you ;)
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