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¨ˆ*º¤ Signature Applications are: OPEN ¤º*ˆ¨

¨ˆ*º¤ Logo Applications are: OPEN ¤º*ˆ¨

¨ˆ*º¤ Now Hiring artists of all skill levels! ¤º*ˆ¨

× – – — — – — – — — – – Announcements – – — — – — – — — – – ×

– — -This is a merger of Unholy Logo Alliance and Demonic & Nop's Signature World

¤ Signatures Completed: 278
¤ Logos Completed: 806

• Need a Clan? Check this out! - 93-94-626-65087560
• Want to Learn How to Make Signatures? - 55-56-26-64916570

¤ Founder: Demonfyre & Nop
* Current CEO: Nop Patar
• Senior Artists: Nop Patar (Logos and Signatures)

× – – — — – — – — — – – Introduction – – — — – — – — — – – ×

¨`"º Introduction º"´¨

Welcome to the very first version of Ñöpš Wörld øf ƒórüm År†! Here at ÑWƒÅ we make sure that the Customer comes first. With fair rules and guidelines our Companies have been at the top of the RS signature and logo buissness. With extrememly active workers we can asure you a small wait and a great result as we undergo the signature building process.

We have been gifted to have some great supporters and workers and this only just the begining. We are still improving and making our services better.

If you don't feel like a ready-made signature have a Built-from-Scratch Signature made by all our dedicated workers who are there to insure you a quality finish. We have provided the QFC's to:- Guides, Schools and many more services so please check our thread out and I assure you there will be something here for you.

On Behalf of all the workers here at ÑWƒÅ

~Demon & Nop

Thread History:

-5 Threads of Ðémòñï¢ & Ñöpš Signature Wörld
-17 Threads of Dark Logos Unveiled
-2 Threads of Unholy Logo Alliance

All work on this thread are copyrighted © 2008-2013 by their respective original posters. Unless otherwise noted, the works are also Copyrighted under:

Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported Legal License (CC)
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¨ˆ*º¤ Table of Contents ¤º*ˆ¨

¤Þàgê 1

-–—Artist List
-–Important Threads

¤Þägé 2

-Artist Message Board
-–Staff Activity Chart + Name Change App
-–—Community Ascii Artist List
-–CAAL cont.
-–—CAAL cont.
-–—Waiting List
-–/Vop's Gallery
OSRS Newb Help Initiative',
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¨ˆ*º¤ Thread Rules ¤º***

*Nobody likes 'em but they are a must.
**ALL rules are subject to change at anytime.
***Note we do conduct random thread & app verifications, so pay close attention to rule #14.

1. Obey all rules enforced by Jagex.

2. Do not flame any customers or staff of this thread.

3. Double Posts must be edited to say that they are a double post.


5. Contrary to popular belief Logo artists DO have lives. Impatience is not tolerated, all our workers pride themselves in make satisfactory signatures for the customers use.

6. Only bump once every hour please. No spam.

7. If you are not satisfied with you signature or logo politely explain why, and we will be happy to fix it.

8. Change the "Did" in "Did You read the rules" to "Deed"

9. Please properly fill out the necessary applications. Your request will not be accepted without them.

10. When applying for a logo your thread must be at least one week old. If it is a clan then you must have 15+ members. Remakes do not necessarily have to be a week old. If the artist finds any other reason why your thread may not last, then he/she may deny your application.

11. Even if you request a specific artist, you are not guaranteed a signature or logo from that person. (They may be to busy)

12. SERIOUSLY DO NOT COPY! That includes taking anything from this thread without explicit permission. Only take what is made for you.

13. We do not make bumps, or logos with the word "bump" in it. It is considered spam. (Excluding signatures of course)

14. Do not lie on your application.

15. We will only make logos for the thread creator. If you are not the thread creator, do not apply for a logo for that thread.

16. Some logo applications are simply too complex to fulfill. If this is the case, we will alert you to the fact that your current logo request will not be fulfilled, due to it's complexity.
OSRS Newb Help Initiative',
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Nop Rs

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17. Respect EVERYONE on this thread (if you dont like someone on here DO NOT start a fight) save it for duel arena.

We Reserve The Right To Deny Your Application For Whatever Reason We May Find.
- Our services to you are a privilege, not a right. ;)

¨ˆ*º¤ Signature Rules ¤º*ˆ¨

1. Signatures can only be a max of 4 lines.

2. No offensive comments may be put in a signature.

3. QFC, 3-Mails, web adresses etc are not allowed in Signatures.

¨ˆ*º¤ Worker Code of Conduct ¤º*ˆ¨

1. ALL Workers and Customers must respect each other, failure to do so will result in a ban.

2. Accusing somebody of stealing an other artists work must be followed with evidence, and please do not bring any of that to this thread.

3. When denying apps always give a reason!

4. When you're accepted as a worker your 3 chosen signatures will be put in your gallery.

5. Workers must add 'Nop Patar' in-game.

6. Workers you must do the oldest apps first(unless requested or being completed by somebody else)!

7. Do not pick fights with the customers. Every now and then we will recieve a rude customer, simply deny them.

8. Do not copy**
***; Any unoriginal work subbmitted for an application will result in the immediate and perminant expulsion from the company, we do not harbor fr00tcakes.

9. As always, RL > RS, but please try to stay active. Popping in every now and then to say hi does not constitute as activity. Please inform us of any expected inactivity.

10. Workers are not exempt from any rules, including any set forth by Jagex.

11. Have fun, this is supposed to be done for pleasure!

12. Try to do the signature in the same browser as the customer. If the customer says that he/she uses Google Chrome in his/her application then use GC to make the signature. The browser that you use now makes a noticeable difference! I understand that it may be inconvenient to download multiple browsers, but if it means providing the best service then we should do it.

Follow the rules or you will be banned.
OSRS Newb Help Initiative',
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Nop Rs

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¨ˆ*º¤ Applications and Rating Templates ¤º*ˆ¨

~~Logo Application~~
Your Name:
Your Thread Name:
Did you read the rules:
When was your thread made?:
QFC where you will use the Logo:
How many members does your clan have(If Clan):
What is rule 5?:
What do you want on the logo:
Will you give credit to the creater of the logo:
Alligned(__##??) or unalligned(,,--''):
Do you understand Rules 15 and 16?:
Would You Like a specific Artist?:

~~Signature Application~~
Do you want a specific artist?
Do you want a signature from one of our galleries, or do you want one built from scratch?
Line 1:
Line 2:
Line 3:
Line 4:
Do you want Normal, Çléâñ, (¥)€§§¥, or 1337 text?
Did you read the rules?
What browser are you using? (IE, Firefox, etc)
How many lines do you want the signature to be? (1-4)
Do you want it Shaded, Alt Spaced, Regular, or Character Reduced?
Would you like the signature symmetrical or unsymmetrical?
Extra Notes:

*Note: You can have text on whichever lines you like

~~Artist Applications~~
Name / nickname:
Logos, signatures, or both?:
Did you read the applicant rules AND artist rules?:
Why you would like to work here:
Will you try your best and be active:
Rate yourself 1-10, 10 being the best:
Style/Prefered Style? (Logos only):
What do you need to improve in?:
What browser do you use?:
Post 3 example logos and 3 signatures (The signatures will be used in your gallery):
Please compose a biography of no more than 500 characters to go w/ your gallery along with QFC's to any galleries you have:

~~Rating Template~~
Who made your signature?:
Logo or Signature?:
How would you rate your experience with us as a whole? (1-10/10):
Would you consider telling your friends about us?:
If you ever needed any more forum art would you come back?:
Is there any way we could have made your experience a better one?:
Any other notes?:
OSRS Newb Help Initiative',
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¨ˆ*º¤ Artist List ¤º*ˆ¨

Owner(s): Nop Patar (June 2013 - )

Senior Artists:

Entry Level Artists:
- Samsaurus99 - M - GC
- Ruby Inferno - F - FF/GC
- x Mistii x - F - GC/All


Previous ULA Owners:

Jinx and Nop200 (May 2011 - June 2013)

Previous DLU Owners:

Froggyjojo and BrendanS­llvn / Swimmer Sully (November 2007 - February 2010)
Lubu 239 and Hannahbelleb (Febrary 2010 - June 2010)
Nop200 and Dockwa (August 2010 - September 2010)
BrendanS­llvn / Swimmer Sully (September 2010 - May 2011)

Previous D&N's Owners:

Demonfyre and Nop200 (May 2010 - August 2011)
OSRS Newb Help Initiative',
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Nop Rs

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¨ˆ*º¤ Important Threads ¤º*ˆ¨

Prestigious Signature School 2 - 55-56-26-64916570
- – — Want to learn how to make forum signatures? Come here and set off on a journey that you won't regret!

`·.¸ The Dursorian Tribe ¸.·´ - 93-94-626-65087560
- – Looking for a clan? I can personally attest to the fact that this one will satisfy your needs.

¤ Ðèvíl'§ ƒýré Signatures ¤ - 55-56-553-65043956
- – — Are we bogged down with applications? Try these guys! Their level of expertise and experience is through the roof!

Spell Ur Name B4 Some1 Else V6 - 55-56-601-65050204
- – A fun game in which you race to spell out your name without being interrupted to try and accumulate the most points.

•¤• Complete the Signature! •¤• - 55-56-21-65047524
- – — A thread that brings signature makers together like only once before.

*· Hangman v7 ·* - 55-56-784-65046307
- – A classic game that is played around the world. Come enjoy our version of it here in forum games.

Skull and Nop's Logo Gallery - 135-136-571-62835921
- – — Come gaze at the wonder*us art of Skullman and myself.

Bored? Draw #ere! - 55-56-104-64861123
- – — The official sticky for ascii art! Come chat and draw with the rest of the community.

~ Guide to Signature Making ~ - 55-56-75-64795809
- – — A simple yet comprehensive guide to learn how to make forum signatures for beginners.

If you want your thread up here then just post the thread name and qfc!
OSRS Newb Help Initiative',
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¨ˆ*º¤ Hall of Fame ¤º*ˆ¨

||;#~-*^"`"^*~Retired but Remembered ASCII Legends~*^"`"^*-~#;||
~ Agile Pie
~ Arrus0
~ Artanis62
~ Brendans*lvn
~ Callofhonor1
~ Demonfyre
~ Dockwa
~ Froggyjojo
~ Gonzodwarf92
~ Im Da Ruler2
~ Hannahbelleb
~ Lubu 239
~ Lucious55
~ Kookycat
~ Notl3y989
~ Mcddcm
~ Mok55
~ Prince Patar
~ Quietasdeath
~ Rhombohedron
~ Santi721
~ Saphira551
~ Skull Man646
~ Superant1
~ Trademe5kplz
~ Zombie Dori
~ Zoticus 4 me
**These artists are the gurus of ASCII and signatures. While they don't actively draw now, their contributions to forum art will always be remembered.
***If an artist above wishes to draw an application, they are welcome to do so, but ARE NOT given priority over a current artist.
****If you feel there is someone who deserves to be added please tell me.
OSRS Newb Help Initiative',
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