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GE Sweeper

GE Sweeper

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1. Runescape Name- GE Sweeper
2. Former Runescape names- Scorpionket, the Golden 69er, That 1 Error
3. Former WBS/PvP experience- Rarely do it
3a. Reason for leaving your last WBS fc.- Never been in one
4. Clan Name- Ascended Desendants
5. PvP Experience- Minimal
5a. Preferred style- Ranged
6. How did you find out about our FC- Ishikei
7. Have you set your RuneMetrics profile to public?- No
8. Do you have the SavagePK account added?- No
9. Do you have access to teamspeak3 ( you don't have to talk just listen) - No
10. Do you agree to our rules? - Yes

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