Anachronia - Not working?

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Bialy Wilk
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Bialy Wilk

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Mini JIT said:
Bialy Wilk said:
Thanks for the replies in regards to Tier 3. I tested my lodge today in the afternoon and yes it does indeed work.
That said it did not work last night, I know that because I stood in it for a good minute looking for clickable objects and my prayer remained at 0 (possibly glitched similar to balded dive).

Also seems like Tier 2 is rather useless for maxed players, unless it restored to full when you teleport to loadstone. Just waiting for that T3 cape perk bonus :)

It wont restore prayer until it restores you hp to full first so waiting 1 min is not long enough as it works very slowly. They would not have done a hot fix over a bank holiday weekend when there is no one in the office for 3 days.

That might be one of the dumbest updates there is if it's intended to work that way.
Running over there from loadstone is already a stretch, and when you add the fact it takes minutes to restore HP and Prayer, it's dead content. Not one player would ever find that useful.

27-Aug-2019 01:13:51

Lou Yogs
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Lou Yogs

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Just to say the stat restore on the player lodge is working on roughly 50% of occasions for me. Other times not at all. The restore rate is a bit slower than at a bank, not glacial as others are finding. The main issue I have, as from yesterday, is that Anachronia is not rendering properly, looks like there was a major snowfall. The rest of the game is fine. Some Achievements also not registering when they have (I'm pretty sure) been completed.

28-Aug-2019 10:48:01

Mini JIT
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Mini JIT

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Dangermouth said:
It heals about 600 HP per minute. So you can wait ages before the other effects kick in. I think I'll leave the T3 buildings for a while until the bugs have been ironed out.

Don't make the mistake I did, the T3 lodge needs max resources (you can only store 150k but you need 150k) with mine I forgot and it reached its cap over night and I lost 12 hours of workers because of it. Move some of your workers to different locations before hand if you not going to be online to upgrade the building.

28-Aug-2019 15:33:23

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