Player owned ports enhancers

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Can we change the way how Player owned Port enhancers work from the NPC that carries it now? Everytime I want to activate it (and I have literally 60 of them) I have to go through a lot of options, dialoges and selection menu for each activation.

> Click NPC;
> Option 3;
> Scroll down;
> Activate;
> Confirmation;
> Repeat.

And this sucks, especially if the enhancers says "you get nothing, you already have X rerolls". So I have to repeat it till I have for example a ration pack. Before the update, I could spam click it.
Hello Moto

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Sam Onemo
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Sam Onemo

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They need to make the activation an interface from tool belt so it feels like the old way of withdrawing the enhancers from bank. You can leave the focusing and conversion with the NPC. Having to go back to NPC is really not useful.

24-Jun-2019 14:40:13

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