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Emo Shun All

Emo Shun All

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would like any of the people from our player "community" to let me know if you have had jagex shutting down any conversations about updates it is getting a little bit confusing why you cant rant in the rant section or ask other players for their opinion on an update that literally can ruin your account

31-Aug-2019 17:59:27

fmod Member


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Advice was posted all over the place to you and all your alts.

Because you keep making more threads to try and discuss unwanted exp due to your lack of understanding of an update on Old School many months ago again you have been removed from the Forums until such time Jagex review your recent actions.

I tried to help you on your last thread and you abused it. Hence that lock.

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What do you call a bee that can't make up its mind? A maybe :P

31-Aug-2019 18:09:40

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