This boat should be done!

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Conspiracy theory:

Knowing whatever technologies from the past used to build a barge is no match to the modern KPG Penguin tecnologies such as submarines, King Roald has issued a secret decree to build a next generation nuclear seafaring vessel to boldly go where no man has gone before. :)

25-Jun-2019 18:51:59

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Well, that's why the previous foreman is in disgrace, and Mr. Mordaut took over, now that a faster pace is required due to the events of Desperate Times.

Given the occasional gramaticall and other errors that have crept into a few dialogue boxes, I was quite charmed with "We have more rewards to offer, should you bring me more boat materials"... a perfect use of the subjunctive.

30-Jun-2019 08:25:04

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Yak Suit said:
How can they not have built the boat at the digsite, the workmen have been working on it for like what, 10 years or something?

To be very honest, you could ask this by most content created (or yet to) by Jagex.
Hello Moto

06-Jul-2019 20:09:29

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