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Feels amusing to begin with considering how it works and the general idea but come the third scorpion at the bagrada rex I was hardly having any time at all trying to get the thing loaded.

No idea what laying the bait in the middle is like but given how little time there appeared to be setting up the third scorpion (can't remember which direction it was in unfortunately) I can only assume it's just as nerve racking, if not more so, with that circle constantly revolving around it.

Maybe it's because it's new is why people are struggling with it or maybe there is something that's messing it up. Personally I only had two goes at it there now and then logged off to go do something else outside of RS, I reckon I'll have a go at it again at some point.

The drops would need to reflect the tediousness of it all or I suspect people will feel it's simply not worth the time. If you buy the bait etc., if you even can, it's probably not as tedious but for someone like me, I'm gathering the bait myself from the bottom up (I didn't get any further than the raw manta rays) and it is rather tedious.

Other than those gripes it gives fishing some attention for those species that require raw fish as bait so good call on that. As far as I'm aware manta rays don't really have that many uses.

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