Codex locked behind ports?

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Mini JIT

Mini JIT

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F1nal Sw0rd said:
Jeremy Cheng said:
I think it's around 15m to get enough components from the inferior ports armor.

Thanks Jeremy, I was trying to do this calculation
Also was confused by the wikipedia not showing the inferior versions dissembling into the components.

Looking at some math it seems with items at 1.2-1.5 mil, needing 20 of them for 60 total, its roughly 25 mil per codex.
If you can make your own items and augment them, obviously much cheaper.

2 tetsu helms sold for over 5m last night, I only offered mid price but instant got x2 the value. Normally I just sell in the shop for 1.2m each. The death lotus helms never sold in ge so they went to shop. Not sure which items you need but the price might be very varied.

28-Aug-2019 14:16:44

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