Canceling Slayer Task on Dino

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Mortis Reves
Jul Member 2012

Mortis Reves

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I got a task I do not want on Dino Isle and tried to cancel it. Well, I went to rewards, assignments, and then cancel task. All choices are not clickable. So, I relogged in thinking that might be the issue, nope, still the same problem...Now what? Is this a glitch on the new island???

29-Aug-2019 01:09:30

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SandyHorizon said:
If you have enough slayer points, 30 to cancel, and nothing is clickable, then yes a glitch.

And if it is indeed a glitch, a bug report is faster than the forums. :-)
Hello Moto

29-Aug-2019 17:58:45

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