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It only works sometimes. It's not consistent for me. When it does work, it's quick to restore health, prayer and summoning. There is definitely a glitch that needs to be fixed.

27-Aug-2019 17:41:51

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It really does seem to be malfunctioning. At first, it was not healing or restoring prayer and summoning points at all.

Now I get a slow restoration of prayer and summoning points at about the rate of a prayer renewal potion.

But the real malfunction in my view is the healing. I have noted some healing but the healing rate is agonizingly slow--- approximately 10 lp per 5 game tics. Now this is ridiculous as a full heal of about 10,000 lp would take on the order of 5 -7 minutes. If this is going to be the final rate of heal, then Ill just eat a couple sharks thank you very much.

It should be healing at the same rate as a bank.

Further, why on earth do you have to run all the way to the lodge from the lodestone to start up the healing process?? This is absurd.

just let the bank heal you since that is where most people will be going to when the arrive at anachrondia, or better yet, let the healing/restore process occur anywhere in base camp.

27-Aug-2019 19:54:13

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Got tier 2 and yesterday it didn't seem to heal me, but after restarting RS I suddenly was at full points for everything. Before I logged off I was almost at full health, but low summ and prayer points. So I was confused and thought it was broken.

Today it still doesn't heal instantly, but it does heal me faster than outside player lodge.

Once at full health it restored summoning and prayer points very fast, not instantly though.

So I think it's functioning well, I might have expected instant healing and restoring, but that was never promised anywhere, as far as I know.

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