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Well im at about 300 kills now. My concern is jagex are seeing these stats of player player the content and assuming as they did with TH that people are enjoying it.

I wanna make it clear, I'm not enjoying it, but like many others we need the totem parts(still yet to get anything).

The content isn't fun, i would suggest watching the recent live stream Mod Shawn was playing the content and was clearly getting angry at the content, it's hilarious. But the other 3 players also point out many inconsistencies on the content, which seems like its bugged as hell. Clarify to me this was half assed, little effort put in and not play tested.

Im very interested to see the stats once everyone has their totem parts oh who is still playing this bad content.
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16-Jul-2019 22:20:09

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Red Annie said:
I have tried since this came out and i just can't catch one. I have got as far as making 3 traps and arming them but i always get caught and then i have to start all over again. Its so stressful and frustrating. No fun in any way. I would rather go to the dentist

LOL - dentist comparison cracked me up! I feel the same way. I'm all for non-AFK skilling, but this is painful. The first patch helped a bit, but it's still too much time spent for too little gain.

I think some of the suggestions to change the use of frogs and/or incorporate some invention and construction skills for dummies, etc. could be very helpful in making BGH more fun.

20-Jul-2019 06:40:09

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I agree big game hunter just is not fun, it could be but again they miss the fact that content should be fun. Clearly no one at the studio has tested this with out the use of the dev console enabled computers they use for streams.

Either speed up player movement if possible or shrink the mob awareness zone by a quarter it's just awful at the moment, no fun at all which is what we pay and play for.

I still think this has potential, but not if it's left as it is. It should be fun but it falls short … sadly.

21-Jul-2019 11:33:23

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it is clunky, full of stall animations, the only thing worse than the concept is the execution

i think its main problem is that game developers seem to have forgotted this game is played live over the internet, with all the lag ping latency and packet loss issues this implies

however, it does drop the best in slot melee weapon against range type bosses in the game (i.e. ambassador) currently valued at 1b gp, so it was never going to be a stroll in the jungle, as that would have devalued too much existing content

maybe in order to ensure it didnt devalue zaros godsword they made it as buggy and annoyingly broken as telos :'D

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Skull-inky said:
I first want to say i refuse to believe this content was play tested at Jagex before it's release, This content is not ready or finished, Yet you guys are quick to tell us you will only release content when it's upto your standards. Well your standards are low if that's the case.

Ive killed about 200 Dinos in BGH, it has potential to be semi fun.

First the Frogs, finding the right one isn't challenging it's annoying I'd like to have seen.


Blue frogs decrease the dinos vision making the spook radios smaller.

Red frogs do 45k damage, but they are only 2 no more than 3 in the instance.

Gold frogs, lower change to catch, Twice as long to gather poison only 1 in instance and does the full 90k damage.


I don't know if this is a bug or not, but the Dinos on occasions do this Zigzag path, it dramatically increases time to kill the Dino, Going against your comments of being able to get 3 minute kills, which is why i think it's a bug.

Turn the ability to get more than 1 dino off, seriously it's not as much fun as you think it is.

I assume surging into Exits isn't part of the intended game play, but fact is it's easier as tall grass isn't always helpful.

There should always be at least 1 tall grass.

Drop enhancers.

x2 dino meat every kill.

increased chance for compacted hides, change to get compacted logs from trees, and vines with vines.

True. It does seem not done as it it way way too hard for average and even above average players. If someone thats been playing RS for 15 years and has all quests done and maxed, CANT do this. Then that is way too hard.

02-Sep-2019 14:41:13

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