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This is fucking stupid. Like I donít even want to play here no more after come req.

Getting from point A to point B. Like wtfuckigfuck
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30-Aug-2019 04:35:44

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I have to admit, I wish there were a few Agility shortcuts that were off the main Course, especially on the West/North sides of the Volcano (I foresee me using the north Totem point for Abyss just for easiest access to the dinos/Luminous once I get the pieces), and the little islands on the outskirts of the East/Southeast. The area around the ruined temple spawn for Laniakea isn't so bad once you have a Slayer cape, but I definitely don't envy those without one.

You could almost fit another Agility course around the outer rim of the island, honestly. Aside from the parts south of the Scrimatops and the one east of Corbicula, most of the fringes are really remote.

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