Anachronia - Liverwort soul

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Has anyone else had luck getting a soul from the Liverworts on Anachronia?

I've killed over 1250 of them (on and off task) and nothing yet.
I just want to make sure it's really possible and not some bug.

A clannie has killed just as many and has had no luck either

25-Jul-2019 13:38:04

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It definitely exists. I've seen several people re-trim already. One of my clanmates said this was the very worst soul for them, though, and I'm beginning to think it might be mine too.
Fast Sc

25-Jul-2019 16:06:39

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RNG seems indeed to be the answer. I got all vile bloom souls at 886 kill count - and I know precisely because I haven't killed another after that, still my kc :D

I can't however for the life of me get a single totem piece from big game hunter after lots of hunts and having trouble with ripper dino soul and the piece for slayer lodge 3. So hang in there and better luck!

Also as a side note: bad luck mitigation - developers, add this to everything you can please.

02-Sep-2019 01:42:16

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