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Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this...

As of todays update there seems to be multiple sounds missing from the game, i have noticed the dragged under teleport, hatchet chopping and trees falling sounds missing, guessing there are many more too

20-Jan-2020 15:31:19



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Same here, so far I've noticed no woodcutting sounds and my teleport animation sounds are missing too. Oddly though, the sounds work in the wardrobe when I try them there. Here's hoping they get it fixed soon.
P.S. Tried clearing my cache but didn't help.

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SAME!!!! Chopping golden bamboo on arc, no chop sound. I legitimately thought I went deaf this morning. Until I went to w84 ca and heard that god awful Spirit Cobra... why couldnít that be the sound that was removed??? -
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It's their way of surveying to see which of us play with sounds on and which do not.

Someone will have to keep track of who complains, then Twooter or ICQ a Mod, so they know the results.
Bite me.

21-Jan-2020 00:18:11

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