Player-owned Farms

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I just finished watching the 2nd Twitch stream.
!!!! I'm more excited about this than DXP weekend!

This is so exciting, the JMods breathing new life into the farming skill. I maxed farming and only farm once in a while now when I need some herbs for pots. But now, I'll be getting into it a lot more often.

I look forward to seeing what I can grow and what traits I'll get. I'll be stocking up on produce and mushroom seeds now so I can get the zygomites and catching chins when this content is released.

Thank you Mods Raven & Rowley, I loved the puns in the videos. You and your teams have done a great job! I'm so glad you are releasing it earlier than later.

I'm super stoked! I can't wait!!!! =D

26-Aug-2018 23:41:05

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