Player-owned Farms

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P i l i b
Jul Member 2015

P i l i b

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Whether it's going to be "player-owned" or "player-managed", I don't really mind.
It still sounds like it's going to be a great addition to the game.
As long as it doesn't turn out to be something like "Livid Farm with animals".
Thanks for answering all (or most!) of our questions.
All the best.

30-Jul-2018 13:40:50

Ice Rocks

Ice Rocks

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Overhill00 said:
Someone seems to think we should be told everything long before update insertion takes place. I think that way lies disaster. I'm satisfied to wait. I have lots to do between then and now anyway.

Nah im literally passed caring. This is like the only thing that could have made me get members other than a quest but making the only skill I like a cosmetic perk thing when that isn't even medieval is just making me sad but luckily I have 3 babies to worry about so nvm,

30-Jul-2018 21:53:59

Mod Rowley

Mod Rowley

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Hey, Ice Rocks, you'll be happy to know at least that we haven't made Farming a cosmetic perk thing, and that if the medieval aspect of this medieval fantasy game is of importance, you can choose to only farm non-fantastical animals. Really, the update is for you to make of it what you wish; it's a versatile system. :)

If you haven't seen it already, we streamed some information about the update on Twitch a couple of weeks ago, and you're welcome to join the Farming Discord to discuss some specifics. Either way, we'll reveal more info in the run up to launch (September 3rd).

31-Jul-2018 08:31:44

Uncle Pob

Uncle Pob

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Ice Rocks said:
I would probably feel better if I came to jagex and just tested it before you released it just to make sure you're not ruining my life or anything.

Ice Rocks, how can the existence of member content, related to a member skill, which will be added within a member location which is reachable only by members on member servers only possibly "ruin your life"?

Free to play players being interested in new member content is a *good* thing, and normally I wouldn't be so skeptical. However it's clear from your posts here alone why I'm skeptical, before even getting started on the reputation you've established for yourself.

Trolling the players is one thing, trolling the JMods - that's on a whole new level of stupidity.

05-Aug-2018 01:06:49

Oct Member 2008


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I just finished watching the 2nd Twitch stream.
!!!! I'm more excited about this than DXP weekend!

This is so exciting, the JMods breathing new life into the farming skill. I maxed farming and only farm once in a while now when I need some herbs for pots. But now, I'll be getting into it a lot more often.

I look forward to seeing what I can grow and what traits I'll get. I'll be stocking up on produce and mushroom seeds now so I can get the zygomites and catching chins when this content is released.

Thank you Mods Raven & Rowley, I loved the puns in the videos. You and your teams have done a great job! I'm so glad you are releasing it earlier than later.

I'm super stoked! I can't wait!!!! =D

26-Aug-2018 23:41:05

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