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Hey all,

We've launched an in-game poll today about Group Ironman. The results and discussions here will help us decide on the direction we should take it, though please be aware that the winning vote may not necessarily reflect what direction we'll go. It'll certainly help us to make the right decision, though.

What we should do about an Ironman leaving or joining a group is a particularly difficult question to answer. We need to somehow combat people using leaving and joining a new group to effectively "trade" items between two groups.


Do you plan on playing Group Ironman when the new mode releases?

- Yes
- No

What is your desired group size?

- 2 players
- 3 players
- 4 players
- 5 players
- 6+ players

Should a Group Ironman be able to group up with other Ironmen for bossing purposes?

- Yes
- Yes, but only with other Group Ironmen.
- No

What should happen if a member of the group leaves?

- You cannot recruit another member.
- You can only recruit a new Ironman account.
- You can recruit an existing Ironman, at a cost of removing all of the new recruit's tradeable items.
- A different solution. Please discuss on this forum post.

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Mod Easty

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There isn't any documents about what it is, but the concept is simply Ironman mode, but with the ability to interact with the other members of your group. You'll be able to trade, dungeoneer, and so on - but only with members of your group.

The specifics of a lot of the game mode is still up for debate - trying to figure out group size is quite an important step, as that'll help us figure out what to do for things like group bossing (like say if 2 in a group wins, we'll need to allow grouping up outside of your group for some bosses, and so on)

17-Apr-2018 15:25:17

War Sloths

War Sloths

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I think you should be able to have a size that ranges from 2-5. Shouldn't have to be static, if you only have 1 friend make it 2 people, if you have 5 people make it 5 people. I think they SHOULD NOT have shared banks. Should be able to trade, but not share a bank pool. That would be absolutely terrible. Would cause so many issues would be insane.

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I still trying to figure out. If a member leaves from the group, what would the items of the member happen? Will the items return back to players. Or will it be destroyed?

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17-Apr-2018 15:32:10

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Please view my updated post P7 it has some nice ideas.
Spent some time thinking all day. I am leaving this post up for entertainment, but based on the fact that this will more than likely be a thing I have reworked my opinions and ideas which are shared on Page 7. View that page on a more realistic approach to this. Page 7 post has my real time thoughts and ideas.

Not a fan of the idea. Rare real life circumstances may otherwise sway me to make one, highly unlikely though. I voted for another quirk if a group member leaves. I do support no new group members though if this idea doesn't spark interest.

Laughed when i seen 'new recruits bank is cleaned'

---Better idea, make all current items the 'group' has untradeable to said new member. Now that member is a part of the drops.

--Highly highly support group irons, only with group irons. As an iron, should be noted even when carried i still sit with gear I got myself. Nom nom nom the whole time waiting on that RNG. Group means to me they select the path they want to play with. No doubt as an iron able to play with them, it would open more opportunities up, but this does not feel the same as an RNG based account with skill to back the gear up

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