Grace of the elves rare rates?

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Is there any official numbers? Does it matter what I gather?
: Seren appear every couple minutes is what it says, but it's not consistently every couple minutes from what I've been testing.

: Update: I've noticed while mining, that I'm getting mostly metal related armors, weapons, ammo, and ore and bar related drops. Unrelated but dropped, Half keys(tooth/loop) and 54 Super Restores (4).

How long do the Seren stick around for?
: ONE minute.

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I normally get loop hole keys/rune bars/dragon items/un cut diamond/yew logs and I have chopped well over 1,500 logs on my main with no luck on the Hazelmere's Signet Ring as of yet, I assume Hazelmere's Signet Ring has to be 1/100,000 logs to 1/1,000,000 logs based on a random Seren Spirit drop rate but its hard to catch them if you are not minding you're business chopping trees as mad As I am lol.

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SirWicked said:
If i kill someone in the wilderness that has Skulls on their head and they had a grace of the elves on how much gold do i get from it since it will not be tradable?

Are you trying to get your mate to kill you with yours on so you can try and recoup some of the value?

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It is 1/1280 this is a lot more than it seems tho. Doing 1280 of these spirits won't get it for u, it's literally every time 1/1280 which when doin the math is %0.0007825 chance.

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