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Pam I am

Pam I am

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Why are we constrained to having DXP weekends as opposed to having the option to claim a token that allows 1 or 2 or however many hours/days of DXP?

EDIT added for clarification;
Note this is NOT intended to replace DXP weekends, but rather to supplement them for those who cannot play during that time frame for whatever reason.

Only allow usage of X amount of them per month, sort of like monthly reset tokens. This of course is to not allow hoarding of them. In addition, maybe a 3 or 6 month expiration on them?

Heck possibly 6 hour token increments. Just allow more of them during a month. Allows more actual usage of them due to many folks can likely play 6 hours in a session. But not killing yourself trying to get every bit of DXP not sleeping. (Yes, I know I'm not the only one who has done this lol).

The impact on the game would be favorable for these reasons;

1) The obvious, those who aren't available to play during that specific time frame.
2) Resource prices would stay more stable.
3) If you do want to use them on a prescribed DXP weekend, there is nothing to stop that.

The negatives are few and minimal, what do you think?
Max caping for 6th time... Pl0x sh00tz meh !

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