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Pam I am

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Why are we constrained to having DXP weekends as opposed to having the option to claim a token that allows 1 or 2 or however many hours/days of DXP?

EDIT added for clarification;
Note this is NOT intended to replace DXP weekends, but rather to supplement them for those who cannot play during that time frame for whatever reason.

Only allow usage of X amount of them per month, sort of like monthly reset tokens. This of course is to not allow hoarding of them. In addition, maybe a 3 or 6 month expiration on them?

Heck possibly 6 hour token increments. Just allow more of them during a month. Allows more actual usage of them due to many folks can likely play 6 hours in a session. But not killing yourself trying to get every bit of DXP not sleeping. (Yes, I know I'm not the only one who has done this lol).

The impact on the game would be favorable for these reasons;

1) The obvious, those who aren't available to play during that specific time frame.
2) Resource prices would stay more stable.
3) If you do want to use them on a prescribed DXP weekend, there is nothing to stop that.

The negatives are few and minimal, what do you think?
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they use to do it as a time frame. first half hour was 2.7x reducded to 2.5? i think till it went to 1.1x that was for whole weekend. so someone could not be playing the first days of the dxpw but log in on sunday and start the 2.7x with 10 hours left till 1.1

this was scrapped

it seems this has already been tried in some way not exactly same. still limited to that weekend. but didnt have the desired effect jagex wanted
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Pam I am said:
Why are we constrained to having DXP weekends as opposed to having the option to claim a token that allows 1 or 2 or however many hours/days of DXP?

Because Jagex's intention behind the dxp weekends is to inflate the online player counter during a specific weekend only, both to make the game appear more alive than it is as well as to sell a certain TH promotion during that time as hard as possible, because the more players there are online during that time = bigger sales. If you could pick when to use the dxp, people would scatter around when to use them instead of the one big cluster that happens during present dxp weekends.

Regardless of that though, no support to this suggestion. Not because it'd be worse than the current dxp implementation, but rather because it's not good enough: dxp weekends shouldn't be a thing at all, not in their present form nor as tokens that you can redeem for dxp. The game's integrity suffers greatly from them, by devaluing exp as well as causing certain unhealthy behavior like some players only training summoning during dxp because it's so brokenly OP to train that skill only during dxp.

You mentioned that this idea would help with resource prices, yet if you truly cared about resource prices, you wouldn't want dxp weekends in the game at all, because dxp halves the amount of resources needed to reach X level/experience, meaning that their demand is decreased and their price is thusly decreased.
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