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RuneScape Name: Tummy Ache

- Current AoD KC:1145

- Why do you want to be a rank in the friends chat? To help out and have people stop leeching xD

- What can you as a rank bring to the friends chat to help us grow? advertise and help the best I can :)

- What will motivate you to get higher in rank? I don't care about getting a high rank id rather be a smiley rank for the rest of my life :)

- List your main style Mass Gear with T90+ Weapon and T80+ Armour:
Weapons: Sos
Armour (Helmet, Top, Bottom): Tect helm superior zuriels top and bottom or Achto if tanking.
Necklace: reaper or souls
Gloves: deathtouch bracelet
Switches: seis wand+t90 defender with planted feet+as1+p5 entangles debuffs/gstaff

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