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RSN - brokenlove
Preferred Name - Jayne
Country/TimeZone - England gmt
Total Level - 2712
Total XP - 797m
Combat Level - 138
Favorite Skill(s) - most of them except agility/construction
Are you 18+ years old?yes
Current Goal in RS - 120s/comp
Did you read & agree to our rules?yes
Will you be capping at our citadel? Yes when I can
Favorite RS Achievement - slayer pet lol
Alternate Accounts - babyy broken
What are you looking for in a clan? Active chat and nice people
What type of clan events are you interested in? Any if I'm online
Why would you like to join ElderScrolls? Because it sounds exactly what I'm looking for


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28-Jul-2017 16:32:36

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