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23HN said:
1. What's yer handle? (or -rsn incase you didnt pick up on that):


2. Are ya a new player? Returning? Or well-seasoned? (sounds tasty):


3. Favorite RS pastime? (we dont need to know what you do in your poh tho, ha!):

Idle skilling and grooving to the soundtrack while studying

4. Pepperoni? or the Works? Show me your pizza love!:

Anything on a pizza would get my mouth watering but favourite toppings include chicken, olives, and any kind of fish.

5. Do ya like helping at the citadel? (Best you say yes to this):

What happens if I say n-

6. Finally, tell us a bit bout yerself (like where you hide your pizza from Prank, heh):

Recently deceased

(also I once blew my nose so hard, nasty stuff came out of the corner of my eye, yikes O_o)

thank you for your application you have been accepted. please guest in game or drop me a direct message in game for invite. happy scaping


owner o peaceful bonds

12-Aug-2019 21:28:18

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