Twilight Wolves

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1. Username? Brokenlove (Jayne)

2. Favorite thing about Runescape is? Bossing/racing skills

3. Combat Level: 138

4. Will you help with the Citadel?: yes

5. What does it mean to belong to a social clan?: gives me a meaning to play

6. Will you partake in clan events?: if I am able to

7. Have you belonged to a clan before?: a few

8. Reason for leaving prior clan: died after real life commitments

9. What is rule #9 on our rules? No begging off anyone for anything

10 .Do you plan on talking in the clan chat?: of course

11. What is your favorite Combat Stat? Range

12. Do you understand and agree to follow the rules of Twilight Wolves?: yes

13. How did you find our clan, did someone recruit you? Forums

14. Do you agree to keep all drama out of the clan chat? Yes


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17-Nov-2018 19:48:49

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