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Could someone please help me ?

I've set an authenticator on my account but i just got a new phone. I can't acces it and i can't disable it, cause somehow i don't get emails of jagex. Neither in spam or trash. Could someone please help me with this? I'd love to play runescape again and not being offline for days.


29-May-2015 17:57:03



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Hey everyone,

Ive got a simple question. I use the unescape authenticator, but i also use JAG.
Now the other day i saw in my account options JAGEX advices to disable JAG, for some reason.

I can't think of a reason i'd want to disable JAG, so why does jagex advise it? Does anybody know? If there's no reason, i'd rather keep JAG..

Have a nice day!

03-Sep-2015 15:38:19



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yo i need help i got a new phone so my auth locked me out of my account. im also lock out of my email because i have 2 step auth. so i cant get in to my email to cancel my auth. can u please help me..

22-Dec-2015 02:27:48

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every security solution has good sides and bad sides. generally you can say the more safer , the more effort / less comfort

it is good to offer many options for security, and let each player decide which he wants to use.
it is bad if you force players to prefer something against their free will.

just tell us honestly your information what advantages each security solution can offer, and dont hide information about possible dangers. then we players can make a decision and will be responsible if we make a bad choice and lose account to a hacker

20-Jul-2017 22:02:57

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