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Get official RuneScape merchandise and save money - it's a win win situation!

Check back daily to the RuneScape Merch Store and save 15% on selected items. There will be a new item going on sale at 11:00 AM UTC every day during this promotion, so make sure you check back daily to ensure you don’t miss a deal!

Whether you're buying for a friend, a loved one or simply indulging yourself in some new RuneScape swag, this is the perfect opportunity.

Stock is limited, so order now from the RuneScape Merch Store!

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Only after I pre-order the sweet christmas shirt on november 29th, it arrived on january 2nd and look now its on sale?
$30 horribly spent on such slow shipping and now you offer it 15% off one month later...
never ordering from Jagex again

15-Jan-2016 13:34:53

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Senior Chief

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My direct message to all the mods handling The 15 Day Sale:

Please make your merchandise available in my country, India.

I know there aren't many players from India, but I've been playing this game for more than 8 years and I'd love to buy every damn stuff that is related to Runescape.

So, please try :)

15-Jan-2016 15:44:05

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The only thing that would interest me shirt-wise is a Divination level-up shirt, but you don't have those.

I do like the rune pouch with the different runes, gotta say that much.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Oh, I already forgot.

15-Jan-2016 16:56:06

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