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Time is running out to join the Premier Club and enjoy the ultimate in RuneScape membership. You have until 23:59 UTC (game time) on 31st January to join.

Premier Club grants you access to 2016’s members’ content, including Invention, God Wars Dungeon 2 and Sliske's Endgame while also bagging you a ton of unique in-game gifts. These include a combat and divine location aura, limited-edition cosmetic overrides, the stunning Mahjarrat outfit (for Gold members) and a retro teleport animation.

Added Bonus | NXT Beta Access | Gold Premier Club

Go Gold and also get the added bonus of access to the NXT game client beta weekends. Play the fantastic new client before anyone else!

Added Bonus | RuneMetrics Pro discount

Gold members also get half price when you upgrade to RuneMetrics Pro – an advanced XP tracker on and in game with real time data, coming out in February!

Have Bronze or Silver already? No worries - you still have time to upgrade, claim the added extras and get stuck into the NXT beta weekends.

So what are you waiting for? Secure a year of membership and tool yourself up for all the twists and turns of 2016!

The RuneScape Team

29-Jan-2016 11:38:10

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I've been waiting for the last days to get my Gold, I've done the same each year lol.

Question: I've bought 12 bonds to buy the Silver, so would then upgrading to Gold simply cost the real money Silver price? Because that's what I plan on doing.

<3 the RS Music

29-Jan-2016 11:55:01

Kakarot Owns

Kakarot Owns

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Should give some older players (and former members with high skills) the chance for the beta at least, i can't wait for it to come, eager to try it but unfortunately not getting gold but i have silver premier.

29-Jan-2016 12:21:37

Oct Member 2018


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lol Small minority gets beta access....It's a beta you want everyone possible to test it out and help weed out the bugs...Porbably will be loaded with Errors on launch day :P

29-Jan-2016 12:37:15

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Have gold premier already but paying for a xp tracker? Lol. Plenty of free alternatives (maybe with addition of a spreadsheet) out there. Unless there will be features they can't offer cause of access to certain data.

Edit //
Well guess they are not ingame but whooptido..

29-Jan-2016 13:04:48 - Last edited on 29-Jan-2016 13:07:25 by Roelio

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