Dev Blog: Content Poll #36

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Dev Blog: Content Poll #36

Change Log
  • Removed the question offering the removal of the warning message when removing furniture in your PoH.
  • Added a 10% damage increase to the Smoke Battlestaff question.
  • Added two questions offering additional blue dragon scale spawns in the newly extended blue dragon areas in Taverley dungeon and the Stronghold Slayer Cave.
  • Added a question offering to tally up and store 15 Penance Queen kills.
  • Changed the Penance Queen kill counter to a BA Gamble counter.

  • Content poll #36 will be kicking off in a poll booth near you this Thursday! We've got a lot to offer, including skilling pets, a Lunar spell for checking the status of your farming patches and much, much more!

    Skilling pets

    Since being added to the game last July, the mega-rare pets dropped by bosses throughout Old School have proven to be very popular. Having the incredibly slim chance of receiving an awesome-looking pet has given many avid boss slayers out there a new challenge to take on.

    We would like to give skillers an opportunity to get their hands on some pets, too. In content poll #36 we will be offering in introduce 4 skilling pets:

    Woodcutting - Beaver - Can be obtained when chopping any tree.
    Mining - Baby rock golem - Can be obtained when mining any rock.
    Fishing - Heron - Can be obtained when fishing at any spot.
    Hunter - Baby chinchompa - Can be obtained when hunting chinchompas.

    In the same way that boss pets are very, very difficult to acquire, skilling pets would be incredibly rare. It will not be quicker to get the pet by doing faster, lower level activities as the likelihood of receiving the pet will be based on how long it takes to perform each action.

    Question: Should we add mega-rare skilling pets for Woodcutting, Mining, Fishing and Hunter?

    Check farming patch spell

    We would like to add a spell to the Lunar spellbook that would allow you to check the status of all of your farming patches, excluding those used only during quests. Casting the spell would open an interface showing you how your crops are getting on without having to pay a visit to the patch to check.

    For example, the herb patch unlocked as a reward from My Arm's Big Adventure would be listed by this spell, but Unferth's potato patch used briefly during Two Cats would not.

    The spell will cost 3 nature runes, 3 astral runes and 8 earth runes. It will require 65 magic to cast.

    Please note: We will soon be making a change that will prevent third-party clients from telling you the status of your farming patches remotely. The outcome of this question will not impact whether or not this change is made.

    Question: Should a spell that allows you to check the status of all of your farming patches at once, excluding patches used only during quests, be added to the Lunar spellbook?

    Private chat position

    Question: Currently, hiding your chat box will cause private messages displayed above the chat box to be hidden. Should we add a toggle that would allow you to keep these private messages visible?

    Corporeal Beast combat requirement

    After the release of the Corporeal Beast a lot of players were experiencing issues with overcrowding (as the boss heals based on the number of people present) and looting. To prevent these problems cropping up we added a minimum combat requirement of 90 to enter the lair of the Corporeal Beast.

    This change was made as a temporary measure and was not polled. We would like to poll whether the community would like to see this combat requirement remain in game.

    Question: Should the 90 combat requirement on the lair of the Corporeal Beast remain in game? This requirement was added as a temporary measure to reduce problems with looting and overcrowding when the Corporeal Beast was initially released.

    Other questions

    Question: Should an impling log that displays how many of each impling you have caught be added to Old School?
    Question: Some teleports allow you to switch the destination location (for example, the Varrock teleport after having completed the medium Varrock achievement diary). Should the option to switch the destination of such teleports be added to portals in player owned houses and teleport tablets?
    Question: Should the Defence requirement on blessed dragonhide chaps be removed?
    Question: Should the mining guild teleport found on the skills necklace be replaced with a teleport to the Motherlode Mine?
    Question: Should the limit on honour points at Barbarian Assault be increased to 5,000 in each role?
    Question: Should it be possible to tally up and store 15 Queen kills in Barbarian Assault?
    Question: Should a gamble counter be added to Barbarian Assault?
    Question: Should wins and losses at the duel arena be tracked and displayed?
    Question: Should the colour of magic potions be changed to make them easier to tell apart from ranging potions?
    Question: Should the special attack cost of the blessed Saradomin sword be lowered from 65% to 35%?
    Question: Should an additional attack style be added to the trident? This would stop the trident changing your selected attack style for other weapons after switching to it. This would not impact the combat bonuses of the trident.
    Question: Should the "Expel guests" and "Call servant" buttons found in the player owned house options menu have their positions switched?
    Question: Should the ectotokens limit be increased to allow 13 bones to be offered at the ectofuntus?
    Question: Should the emblem trader found in Edgeville appear in F2P worlds to allow players skull? It would not be possible for F2P players to access his shop.
    Question: Should we flatten some of the hilly areas in the northern F2P wilderness to make more useful spaces for PvP?
    Question: Should herbs lit in incense burners last longer depending on your Firemaking level?
    Question: Should aviansies found in the Godwars Dungeon drop noted adamant bars for players which have completed the hard Fremennik achievement diary?
    Question: Should four existing F2P worlds be given a minimum total skill level for entry? The following restrictions have been suggested: 800+ total, 1000+ total and 1200+ total.
    Question: Slayer masters will currently assign you a task of either spiritual rangers, spiritual mages or spiritual warriors. Should these tasks be bundled into a single task of "spiritual creatures"? This will allow you to choose which of the three monsters you kill.
    Question: Should the smoke battlestaff provide a 10% increase in accuracy and damage when used to cast spells from the normal spellbook?
    Question: Should we add some blue dragon scale spawns to the extended Blue Dragon area in Taverley dungeon?
    Question: Should we add some blue dragon scale spawns to the extended Blue Dragon area in the Stronghold Slayer Cave?

    Mods Alfred, Archie, Ash, Ghost, Ian, John C, Kieren, Mat K, Maz, Ronan, Weath
    The Old School Team


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    can maxed people be handed all 4 skilling pets please? :)

    looking forward to the ba limit changes and spiritual creature bundle

    new attack style on trident will be nice for people doing dks or zulrah aswell :)

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    Omg lol skilling pets xd

    Can the pets have a level requirement of 99 in that skill though please, would make sense :)

    Idk why I'm playing RS3 again, send help

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    pls no skilling pets lol
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    i like the rest tho
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    really? you're making spell for something that third party client does for you?


    ok i started to complain before i read that question


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