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Dev Blog: Top 10 General Quality of Life

This week we are bringing you a poll including 10 highly requested quality of life changes for Old School. Being the final poll in the month of quality of life, we've got some excellent updates to offer.

Choose your own Nightmare Zone rumbles

Nightmare Zone rumble mode has always sent you into a dream with the chance of seeing any of the quest bosses you have taken down in the past. We would like to offer the ability to choose which bosses you will face in a rumble mode dream.

You, and anyone else in your party, will still need to have completed the quests necessary in order to unlock each boss but you will be able to exclude any you don't wish to see. The host of the dream will choose which bosses are excluded.

Entering a rumble mode dream where you choose which bosses you face will cost an additional 20,000 coins. This additional cost will be halved if the party owner has achieved maximum quest points.

Question: Should it be possible to choose which bosses you face in Nightmare Zone rumble mode for an additional cost of 20,000 coins? The party owner would choose which bosses will appear. The additional cost would be halved for party owners with maximum quest points.

Castle Wars tickets for the losing team

Castle Wars is a very fun minigame, and one that is close to the nostalgia-loving hearts of many Old School players. With games which run for 20 minutes, it is quite a time consuming activity and one that currently offers no reward for the losing team.

To encourage activity in the minigame, we would like to offer the losing team in a Castle Wars game 1 Castle Wars ticket for their efforts and invested time. This change would make sure that everyone participating in a Castle Wars game will gain something by the end of it.

Regardless of whether or not this change passes the poll, we will be preventing tickets being gained by hopping worlds from game to game.

Question: Should the team that loses a Castle Wars game be rewarded with 1 ticket for their efforts? Regardless of whether or not this change passes, we will be preventing tickets being gained by hopping worlds from game to game.

Opening Dagannoth King doors alone

Gaining access to the Dagannoth Kings' lair has always required at least two people in order to get past the first set of doors. There are two pads and when two players stand on these pads at the same time, the door unlocks.

As time has gone on and you RuneScape players have truly mastered the game, many of you no longer need a team to take on the bosses. As such, we've seen many requests to let a solo player open the doors.

We would like to offer the ability to unlock the doors leading to the Dagannoth Kings' lair without the assistance of other players. This would be done by dropping a pet rock, which can be obtained for free from Askaladden in Relekka, on one of the pads in the place of a player.

Question: When making your way to the Dagannoth Kings you currently need two players to open the doors at the start of the cave. Should it be possible to drop a pet rock in the place of another player in order to get through alone?

Damaged prayer books

Currently it is only possible to own one type of damaged prayer book at a time. After choosing one, you must complete it before you are able to own damaged prayer books for other gods.

We would like to make it possible for you to own one of each type of damaged prayer book at the same time. We would also like for you to be able to own multiple copies of the same completed prayer books.

Question: Should it be made possible to own each type of damaged prayer book following the completion of Horror from the Deep, rather than having to complete one at a time? It would also be possible to own multiple copies of the same completed prayer books.

Other proposed updates

On top of the above questions, we also have several other quality of life changes to offer.

Question: Should the left-click option of scrolls of redirection be 'use' rather than 'read'?
Question: Should the gate directly to the east of Varrock, which leads to the digsite, be opened once you achieve maximum kudos in the Varrock museum?
Question: Should a fairy ring be added just outside of the Lighthouse found north of Barbarian Assault?
Question: In the Stronghold of Security you must answer a question at each door in order to pass. Should these questions be removed once you have completed the stronghold so you can get through quickly?
Question: It is only possible to cast the Lunar spell Vengeance once every 30 seconds. Should the Vengeance spell icon within the Lunar spellbook be greyed out when it cannot be cast due to this time limit?
Question: When using the 'Buy-pass' option found on Shantay in the Shantay pass you are asked to confirm your purchase. Should this confirmation be removed to speed up buying a Shantay pass?

The top 10 general quality of life poll will be going live tomorrow shortly after this week's game update. Let us know what you think of the proposed changes and which you are most excited for!

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Mod Archie told us on the stream last thursday, that a Vanilla version of LS will get polled this week, is this still the plan? What are you, a concerned beaver?

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Awesome. Also great to see losing teams get tickets now. 5/21/2017 The day I claimed ownership of the Old School Content Suggestions.

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Love the pet rock idea, but I think it's rather cruel just to leave it there. Rock or not it's a pet! Super witty signature.

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Love all of these QOL updates! When will you guys poll the construction updates like the superior garden and the achievement gallery proposed @runefest?
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The NMZ question is good - sure I'm against people afking their 99s but it's better if people afk their 99s without funding bots. On top of that the proposed update creates a small gp sink which is never a bad thing these days.

I feel like the DKs update is fairly useless, a lot of us (at least in the high level community) will use a door partner to avoid wasting 2 invent slots (1 for the pet rock, 1 for axes) - I still think it would be great to offer an agility shortcut up the mountain to Askeladden if you have a fairly high agility level.

The rest are just nice QOL updates, I especially like the Vengeance one though, it will be nice for both PvM and PvP.
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