DevBlog:Clans, Phats & Goblins

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DevBlog:Clans, Phats & Goblins

Party Hats

Unless you have been deep in the bowels of Brimhaven Dungeon constantly for the last 4 days, you will know that party hats have come to Old School. We know that this holiday item is one of the most sought after and as such we wanted to introduce it at an appropriate time. It seemed right to us that, as most of our players are from the United States, the 4th of July was that time. So, we decided to let you have even more chance of getting a party hat by dropping them from the 4th of July until the 14th of July.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from players to freshen up the spawn points as they told us it no longer felt like a hunt. This is exactly what we did yesterday so you will start finding them in locations you never expected to. If you add to that the community events which are being streamed every night then if you are determined to find one, you will.

Clans and wars

Last week there was a big coming together of clans in the Wilderness which we streamed to over 7,000 viewers. It was great to see so many people come and watch this great spectacle take place. We had the top 10 clans in Old School arrive to claim ownership of the Wilderness as well as a large number of pure clans and smaller clans.

The clan community is something we think is really important to Old School. The experience of playing in a group of friends is what makes Old School and clanning great so we want to show much more of them in future. To do this we are currently working on how we can hold a Jagex Cup in Old School. Without Clan Wars and the clan system which the main Runescape game has, I am sure you can imagine that taking 100 clans, having them compete and then coming out with a winner is no mean feat. We hope to have some details out to you in the coming weeks about how this will work.

On top of this we are looking to work with several streamers to set up a network of players who will regularly stream clan wars so you can all see just how great these are.

Goblins go on their holidays

Finally, let’s talk about goblins. Now, we all know goblins are the coolest creatures ever... don’t we? This summer the people of Gielinor will need your help to stand against a goblin threat to everything you hold dear.

The goblins had made a scouting trip out of the shadows against Varrock earlier this year and they are gathering their strength once more. This Community Event will require the community to stand together as one, direct the combined armies of all the cities and face foes never before seen or experienced in Old School.

The community’s decision will impact on the story line so your actions will truly make this story your own. Keep this summer goblin free and take part.

Mod Mat K

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Leader of Ancient Fury here you may remember me from the other day, would just like to say thanks for running these events and being interested in the clan world, we have been ignored for a long time and the support is really needed.
Ancient Fury


05-Jul-2013 16:00:33

Vacu Dallah
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Wel, well, well. This is the kind of stuff I want to hear! Sounds convincing enough to the point where I want to go get a picture for my forum profile and to where I want to join one of these clans!

Thanks to everyone working on making Oldschool the best it can be!

I'm now looking for an Oldschool clan.... and, as I said, I think I will go try to get a picture for my forum account by logging into EOC.

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"Finally, let’s talk about goblins. Now, we all know goblins are the coolest creatures ever... don’t we? "

I smell favoritism!!!!

Nice to know.

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05-Jul-2013 16:10:39

Mr Crow

Mr Crow

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Original message details are unavailable.

Nice read, btw.

grats amigo

and Mat we all know dragons are the coolest creatures ever, goblins are very underrated though.

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"Finally, let’s talk about goblins. Now, we all know goblins are the coolest creatures ever... don’t we? "

I smell favoritism!!!!

Hah! I was thinking the same.

Good read, looking forward to whatever is coming next. :)

05-Jul-2013 16:13:52

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