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For me the best piece of music in game is by far: Sea Shanty 2.

I can remember that when i played RuneScape 10 years ago with my friends, we always listened to this song because it is such an happy song. Every time we would walk through Port Sarim we would just start dancing like some idiots there for like 30 minutes straight en trying to convince random people to come along and dance with us to the song. A friend of mine actually made a ringtone on his mobile phone which was the Sea Shanty 2 themesong in midi, so we could listen to it all day in school and make other people crazy with it.

Those were the days haha

I am now playing for a month or so and the first thing i did was unlocking this genius song and it immediately brought back the memories of those great old days in RuneScape.

17-Nov-2017 14:05:09

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