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DráNick said:
When are the fossil island hardwood trees going to get their growth timers fixed??

My rewrite of the 2005-6 Farming timer code hasn't made it through testing, so far. Turns out retesting the rates of a skill that size is a mammoth job. So I think it'll be January, since it'd be a risky thing to push out at Christmas when we've got fewer other departments available to help us if it doesn't go smoothly.

07-Dec-2017 12:09:47

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Thanks for the nice updates will certainly try the altar out looking forward to the new quest aswell!
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Kevlar Bird said:
When are the Fossil Island wyverns getting their defense lowered?

We didn't set a date for that one. I reckon that'll be January too.

07-Dec-2017 12:11:49

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