Mafia's Goals & Achievements

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River S0ng
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River S0ng

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Hello our fellow Gielinorians, and welcome to The Mayhem Mafia's Goals and Achievements! I know some may wonder "why a G&A for the whole clan?" Well, we're a tight-knit group of friends who are like family. We're a random assortment of maxed players, PvMers, veterans, new players and bankstanders. This thread is to track the goals and achievements of our Mafia members and make our time on RS more enjoyable, all whilst getting them gains!

General RS Clan Info:

Homeworld: 44
Time Zone: CST/EST (Mainly)
Number of Members: 203
Clan Motto: “People like death and mayhem.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson
Clan Colors: Red, Black, & Gold
Citadel: Tier 7
Discord channel available
The Mayhem Mafia

Spoilers Sweetie!

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Max Cape
Master Quest Cape
Comp Cape
Trimmed Comp Cape

The Statuesque, Insane Final Boss, the Underground, the Faceless One, Sandy, Insane Final Boss.

My achievements thus far I would say are my 99s:

99 Slayer: 4/10/2017 - untrimmed
99 Constitution: 4/10/2017
99 Magic: 4/10/2017
99 Herblore: 5/22/2017
99 Defence: 1/23/2018
99 Attack: 1/24/2018
99 Firemaking: 2/10/2018
99 Cooking: 2/24/2018
99 Summoning: 2/25/2018
99 Prayer: 3/2/2018
99 Construction: 3/3/2018
99 Fletching: 4/13/2018
99 Crafting: 11/18/2018
2.5k Total - 11/25/18
99 Smithing - 12/15/18
99 Farming - 1/27/19
99 Runecrafting - 2/9/19

I will achieve all my goals in due time. We are all capable of great things!

We are not limited by what we think we are, we are limited by what we think we are not. ♥

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Clan Goals

- Reach 250 members
- 10 successful all clan member BM kills (3/10 complete)
- 1 successful all clan member Yakamaru kill (0/1 complete)
- 10 successful all clan member Vorago kills (4/10 complete)

July DXP Goals

- 10m Slayer XP gained

Cape Goals

- 120 Slayer
- 120 Thieving
- Master Quest Cape
- Completionist's Cape

Personal PVM Goals

- PETS -
> Corporeal Beast: Obtained @ 1890kc
> Nex: Obtained @ 1520kc
> Vindicta: Obtained @ 3250kc
> Gregorovic
> Rise of the Six
> Corporeal Beast
> Nex
> Kalphite Queen
> Kalphite King

I have plenty more but this is everything I can think of for now, I'm sure I'll add to it. :D
Proud owner of •
The Mayhem Mafia

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Its Roly
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Its Roly

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Get t99 prayers
T92 weapons
Max cape
120 attack

Goals for 2019 Feb dxp
99 Crafting
99 Woodcutting
Possibly 99 runecrafting and divination

Goals for End game
Comp cape
Shadow Elite Tectonic
Blood 2h weapons
Shadow duel wield weapons

Finally my last goal on Runescape is to get the the point where I can assist people however needed without questioning "how far will this set me back". ~Roland

12-Feb-2019 20:34:13

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