Maxing a level 3 (F2P)

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Hi! I'm currently in the process of maxing a now P2P Skiller. (sorry for the title) I've decided to start this thread whilst afking some skills for personal entertainment but if it interests others i'll continue adding progress to it.

As a skiller, im dead scared of doing quests that may harm my progression in any way be it by gaining a combat level or other. So i've just decided to just go ham on skills rather than spend time and use most shortcuts available to me rather than risk gaining cb xp.

Overall Goal: 3 combat 99 all

First goal set: Level 60 in all gathering skills.

I've been f2p for some time so i was able to knock out Woodcutting and Fishing.
I've also managed to get 50 mining so that leaves me with Hunter, Divination and Farming.

For Mining, i'll be mining iron in the Dwarven Mine under Falador making use of the resource dungeon i've unlocked through the Dungeoneering skill.

Fur Hunter, i will do the rabbit feeding from level 5 until i can find something more worthwhile. eventually working my way up to swamp lizards which i may do to 60 for gp.

Divination, i'm currently leveling through the conventional method of gathering memories and depositing for xp. This was started from level 1.

Lastly, Farming. Starting at level 5 will be completed from compost making, tree planting and herb farming.


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Update: I've been messing around with the new skills and some f2p ones as well. I'm nearing 700 total with level 55 in mining 41 in hunter and divination and 10 in farming. gathering has been quite boring aside from hunting which i've taken a new liking to. Part 2 should be out just before dxp.

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