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Welcome to Volume Six!

This game was created by Hawai 14 and ran for three threads,, then continued by RR Tom for the next two. Much kudos!

All you have to do is guess what you think the next poster's highest skill will be. For example:
Player A: Fishing?
Player B: Nope! Hunter?
Player C: Yes! Runecrafting?

And so it continues.

You can't guess the same skill twice in a row. However, another player can guess the same skill as the previous. For example:
Player A: Prayer?
Player B: Nope! Prayer?

is fine. However:
Player A: Prayer?
Player B: Nope! Attack?
Player A: Nope! Prayer?
Is not allowed.

In a slight amendment to the previous rules, you can now guess Dungeoneering (and Invention). Your highest skill is counted as being the skill with the highest total experience; say you have 118 Invention or 116 Dungeoneering (76M experience), but you have 80M experience in another skill, then that latter skill is your highest.

If you have multiple skills with the same amount of experience as your highest, choose whichever was there first. If they occurred simultaneously, they're each considered to be the highest.

Have fun!

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