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Lady Deluxe

Lady Deluxe

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Lady Deluxe said:
Hey there :)

This is a thread about food or things you just don't like, from peanut butter through to a make of a car.

How to play:

You write something down, food or another item that you just don't like and the next player responds with either they like it or they don't, then they write down something they don't like.

Player 1 - Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.
Player 2 - Eww (responding Eww to above post)
------- cats
Player 3 - I like cats
------- Heights
Player 4 - I don't mind heights.
------- Spiders
Player 5 - Ewww, I'm petrified of spiders.


*No double posting.
*No flaming.
*All Jagex rules apply
*Have fun :)

Lets start :)

Cheese and jam sandwiches.

20-Dec-2015 19:09:37

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