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The last two maxed,and I haven't seen a third edition of this thread,so I thought I'd keep this game going.All credit goes to Phobia for the original thread,and to FerrariOwner for the second thread (And for not minding that I borrowed the explanation from him,what a good-sport,eh? :P).
The person above you will ask a question and you will answer the question, then you will put a new question. Make sure to put the name of the song and the band/singer (Can go anywhere in your post). You can either give a funny answer or a clever one, but try to make the title of the song relate to the answer of the question. If you want, you can use an album name instead of a song name.
Question: Who attacked Japan?
Answer: Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult

I’ll start, answer my question and give a new question.
You can have one wish,what will it be?

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with lucy in the sky with diamonds - the beatles
First page posted this about 10 months later after seeing it on my profile :)
what did you call me?

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