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Hey, and welcome to the 3rd version of the *ultimate* home world game, where your home world either suffers or conquers! (Oops, that sounded a bit harsh, didn't it? O_o)

This game is simple: if your home world is an even number, add one to the previous number. If your home world is an odd number, subtract one from the previous number. (If you don't have a home world, choose a favorite world of yours and consider that to be your home world) The first to 25 (evens) or -25 (odds) wins. The next poster should start from 0.

Who will win: the evens or the odds!? That's up to YOU!

There are minimal rules for this game, although there are a few that I'd like to point out:

1) Follow all Jagex rules
2) No posting twice in a row (no consecutive posting)
3) You MUST... and I mean MUST... Have fun! If you break this rule, then I guarantee you that your home world's team will lose! Your server is counting on you!

Let the counting begin!

(Count includes wins from both this thread and previous versions)
Even wins: 18
Odd wins: 30

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