Ability Perks vs SwitchScape

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"Wow! Planted Feet is such a great perk! +25% duration for two ultimates I like to use!"

"Are you going to put it on your staff?"

"Nah, I'm going to put it on a weapon I don't use and just switch to it when I want the benefit"

Ability perks are ALWAYS put on "swap" weapons/armor as they benefit a specific ability. You can simply swap to the item with the perk when using the ability to benefit. Its never worth putting such perks on a main piece of equipment as other perks apply benefits at all times.

Two recommended changes:

1. Add a "Calibrating" debuff for 10s when equipping an augmented piece of equipment.

While the Calibrating debuff is active, the player does not benefit from the perks of that equipment, discouraging switching between augmented gear repeatedly to benefit from ability specific perks.

This greatly de-values ability perks, so...

2. Buff ability perks to affect multiple abilities or have a more passive effect

Reflexes - Reduced from 50% to 40% CD and duration reduction, but also affects Freedom, Preparation, and Resonance along with Anticipation.

Clear Headed - Extends abilities affected by Reflexes by 10%, but removes Anticipation damage reduction and Resonance healing (still blocks the hit)

Planted Feet - Also affects Berserk duration, extending the duration to 25s, but the player cannot run for the duration hence "Planted Feet".

Ultimatums - Increases your max adrenaline/SpecialEnergy by 5% per rank.

Example: You can have up to 115% adrenaline, but ability requirements don't change. You can use an Ultimate at 115% adrenaline and have 15% remaining. Still requires 50% adrenaline for Thresholds.

Shield Bashing- Now increases damage of all defense abilities by 15% per rank.

Besides Deliberate, the other two damaging defense abilities are Shield Bash and Reflect (increases reflected damage, reduction stays the same).
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I ate all

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Bulwark - Also affects Reflect duration, but removes Reflect damage (keeps damage reduction)

Lunging - Affects all bleeds and removed penalty. I haven't seen anyone use this, other than with Dismember and Strength cape, and even then it only effects basic bleeds.

Preparation - When attacked, 10% chance per rank of reducing all defensive ability CDs by 1s.

It affected only one ability and not a widely used one, so I changed it to a passive effect somewhat similar to the ability its based on.

Turtling: +10% CD and duration also affects Immortality, Reflect, and Devotion alongside Barricade.

Basically effects thresholds/ultimates, while reflexes effects basic abilities.

Brief Respite: Affects Asylum and Excaliber, and increases food healing by 50 per rank.

Not only is it a "swap" perk due to affected Ultimates normally long CDs, its never used at all and could use a hefty buff.

Energising - Attacks/abilities that do no damage (misses or abilities that aren't attacks) grant +2% adrenaline per rank.

The benefit is very minuet and only works for abilities no one really uses unless everything else is on CD.
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