Buff/Change Book of Death

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I guess if they could remove the regular degradation (i.e. this thing just loses charges when it activates), increase its stats (it wouldn't need to surpass illuminated books/grimoire, but it should match them - I would see both as acceptable) and maybe lower the threshold at which it still could activate (since some enemies against which it would work have so much it still wouldn't feel wasted if it activates at let's say 60 % hp) a lot would be won already.

While it might have a lower activation chance it works against more kinds of enemies that have a lot of hp - and seemingly the trend is to introduce more and more of those in the future - but I do fully agree with you it shouldn't be worse than a godbook just because it didn't activate. While I am not opposed to your idea, it sounds more complex than it needs to be
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15-Aug-2019 06:55:56

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